We are the leading experts in both federal and the state of Texas school vending machine requirements by expanding healthy choices in Texas school vending machines!  More and more distributors are offering healthy choices that are compliant in Texas high school vending machines.  Just a few short years ago… healthy options were limited and most vending operators had a hard time finding options that satisfied the taste buds of starving high school students.  Now you are finding that popular items, that were previously disqualified, have now been reformulated with less fat and sodium, made with whole grain, are now compliant.  That is great news for vending companies that have machines in schools.  For example, Frito Lay is introducing a reformulated Grandma’s Chocolate chip cookies.  The popular cookies were previously disqualified and are now made with whole grain, less sodium and fat and thus are compliant in Texas schools.   For the most part, operators had a tough time initially offering a wide range of products that would keep students coming back to the machines throughout the school day.  However, that has changed and with mega brands like Fruit Lay working with the guidelines in the Smart Snacks in Schools policy and the State of Texas Agriculture Department to meet all requirements.   In fact, the Texas Agriculture now offers a nutrition calculator on their website for vendors to check items.  This makes it much easier now to quickly see if a new item will work in vending machine located in a school.

In conclusion, Hometown Healthy Vending knows the rules and regulations for serving healthy vending machine items in area schools.  Our delivery drivers are well trained on the many different healthy products that can be stocked into campus vending machines.  Our job is staying compliant, while offering the best selection of healthy name brand items that staff and student feel good about purchasing.  Student will love the ever-expanding selection of healthy cookies, baked chips, breakfast bars, enhanced waters, protein items and more.  We understand the importance of nutrition in Texas schools and feel that a difference is made by eliminating the traditional regular chips and snacks.